7 problems that any pair faces

At the beginning of the relationship, we idealistically imagine a future family life. But over time we meet with obstacles that check our love for strength.

Family psychotherapists talk about typical trials that are ahead of any pair, and how to overcome them.

1. You will understand that your partner cannot be for you all at once

We expect a lot from the partner. A kindred soul, the best friend from now on and forever, an adviser in our career and finances, a sexual partner, a comrade -in -arms in raising children – in a word, he should be for us all. But alas, not a single real person is able to cope with such a lot of roles, the therapist from St. Louis Angela Skurtu states: “All our needs must be satisfied with different people, including us ourselves. For example, if you are an extrovert, and your partner is an introvert, then, most likely, your circle of friends is much wider than it. This does not mean that you cannot sometimes go somewhere together. But you will need other companions so that you can quench your need for communication “.

2. A stumbling block can even become a smartphone

When you just started dating, the phone was a useful intermediary between you. You called back now and then, exchanged messages, photos. “But the longer you are, the more likely that the smartphone will become an obstacle in your relationship,” said Andrea Wachter, a psychotherapist from Northern California. – Nowadays, when a significant part of our life passes in a virtual space, it is very easy to miss

Option seconde. Mariage ouvert. Joyeux échangistes, des étoiles invitées au lit, du sexe et du rock and roll. Particulièrement adapté aux couples où une dame medicament pour erection hommes sont surtout tous les mêmes propriétaires. Cependant, cette option est souvent divisée en morale petite-bourgeois de la majorité de la population. Et en plus, si vous avez un mariage ouvert, vous n’avez probablement pas le temps de lire ce texte. Votre tête est déjà occupée.

the real connection that arose at the beginning of our life together. “.
Show the partner that living communication is more important to you than virtual. When you come home in the evening, put aside the phone and say that you want to chat without any devices. “Try to delve into what the partner will say. Since it is important for him to share something with you, then his words deserve your complete attention “.

3. Sex will not always be wonderful

It is worth preparing for the fact that sex will sometimes disappoint. There are different reasons for. Our libido changes over time. We may not coincide everyday graphs. One of us can be constantly busy … As a result, one or both will not be up to sex. To overcome this problem in intimate relationships, Wochter advises to pay special attention to tactile contacts that do not have to lead to sex at all.
“The lack of proximity is often a consequence of deeper problems. It is better to stop thinking about sex as the main goal and start with a simpler contact – hold hands, kiss, do a massage to each other. When you treat your partner as a friend and do not regret the time to get to know him better in every sense, the chances that you will be able to light a spark of love and desire, increase ”.

4. Not all the goals of the relationship will be achieved

Most likely, when your novel was just born, you already had some ideas regarding what a loving couple is. You thought that you would never part for more than three days, or intended to learn the language of love on which your partner “speaks” to achieve harmony with him.
Great goals, but it is better to be aware that not all your ideas about “correct” relations will be justified, warns Laurel Steinberg, sexologist and family therapist, adycont professional university. “It’s okay, but some of your expectations will even be overfulfilled”. As Steinberg says, it is better to treat these expectations like something desirable, but not vital.


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